About Simon Wilby

Simon Wilby - Inventor

I have always been passionate about invention. As a kid, I used to come up with ideas that influenced my peers and changed their thinking in amazing ways. They called me Simon Wilby Inventor. I still, to this day, love invention.

Simon Wilby Inventor

Simon Wilby's Invention

Once purely in the realm of science fiction, the idea of a universal translator has gradually become reality thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence with Simon Wilby the inventor and his Voice Translator.

“This is a really important problem it solves for millions of people who don’t have English as their first language and if they want to make an appointment for a vaccine, or they want to order takeaway, or they just want to arrange for a trade to fix something.”

It works by first transcribing the call in its original languages then sending the text to a Cloud API which translates the text before it is sent back out as audio.
Calls tend to take longer, and it takes some adjustment for people on both end as they get used to a different mode of speaking, but
the result could be a whole new way of interacting with businesses and clients in the USA and around the world.

As an inventor, Simon Wilby designed it to cater to the sole purpose of keeping communication clear and fluent between two parties as acting as a translator between them. This invention is so special that it can break any language barrier and allow smooth conversation between two different natives and carry out business activities. The app is not just created for enabling translation for business purpose but also for use of individuals who can talk to their friends across the Atlantic.

This is an amazing app by Simon Wilby and it is required to be installed only with the callers’ smartphone to hear translated conversation. The app can be used for several purposes and some of the instances where you can use the voice translator will include

· Talk to a person who speak other languages than English and vice versa

· To carry out uninterrupted conversation with a foreign business associate in his/her own language

· Carry out loving conversation with a friend, girl friend, boy friend, wife or family acquaintances who cannot speak your language

· Give instructions in foreign languages to employees working in overseas branches, customer care, distance education and other realms where you have to make people understand your instructions and directives.  

Simon Wilby Influencer

TV show creators and hosts play important role as influencers in business and political talk shows. They act as gatekeepers of authentic and high-quality information about a product that they exchange on the TV show. TV show hosts are trained to accept opinions, provide background information and clarify in between conversation and keep the discussion moving forward. A TV host is expected to encourage healthy and informative conversation among panel of guests or a guest while encouraging each participant to respect other participants. These are high epitome of hosting qualities that you need in a TV host and you will find all these qualities and some more with

Simon Wilby TV Show creator and Host

Simon is well known for his commendable work in the field of creating and hosting TV shows.

Simon is a great business strategist who creates TV shows and presentations for clients who are in need of high quality promotional content. Having created and presented successful TV shows, Simon comes across as an exceptional product promoter who can design, develop and market your products or services in the most compelling manner. With the advantage of internet and online ease of establishing businesses, the competition has become fierce necessitating TV show promoters to create unique content for their client which will be exceptional, relevant and most attractively packaged so viewers attention is riveted to what is being presented.

Who is a TV host or presenter?

A TV host is a face of the public or voice that is seen and heard on TV and Radio programs. The TV host is responsible for presenting personalities and products and interview guests who are relevant to a campaign or product. They will interview participants, coordinate segments, give direction to the discussion and in general hold the entire show together with their uncanny ability and persuasion. They usually present what some other has created for the TV shows.

Simon Wilby TV Host & creator

does both and is highly articulate, thorough and well informed in whatever he is creating. Simon has his ears to the ground and knows exactly what is going on in both business and political scene and accordingly create content which comprehensively nails the show in favor of his clients.

Increased rivalry in business has made entrepreneurs seek new avenues of promotional content both on and offline, and Simon can be counted upon to produce outstanding TV presentations and host them successfully on relevant media and get the publicity much needed by the clients. While creating TV shows Simon will look to focus on the following aspects

· Objective of the TV show

· Determine target audience

· How effective the product will be for the said audience

· Choose guests who have relevance with the presentation

As a TV host Simon has affable personality which helps hook with audience immediately and a bank of information that help him to control the show in a commanding way. His vast knowledge of the product he promotes on TV helps him influence people and get their verdicts in favor of the clients for whom he is creating and presenting the program. To make sure you are contracting the right party for your promotional campaigns you can watch some of his videos posted on his website as well as video hosting channels like YouTube.


Simon Wilby Inventor & Innovator

If you are an entrepreneur who needs to communicate with clients and associates from other countries that can speak and understand only their native language, Simon Wilby’s voice translator will be of great help. Is it not wonderful that you can talk to your business associates in their own language but without actually speaking it?

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